They make me work for my food!

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I call this CHILD LABOUR


Ich nenne das KINDERARBEIT

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 I love the living room couch...I love laps!
Ich liebe die Couch.. und den Schoß!


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Ebby 05/22/2010 14:32

Hallo Fabrizio,
we n-joyed your video and how you are playing.Growing fast ... Yor´s Ebby de la mere de lést (Ebby von der Ostsee)

kert 05/21/2010 17:08

Hahaha. We also bought one of those balls for Fiona today. Its keeping her quite occupied :D 05/21/2010 17:12

Fabrizio would do anything for food,He loves his food-cube. We are keeping him on a strict diet, otherwise he would eat a whole cow 

Eline 05/18/2010 21:23

Dis pragtige video's en foto's. Kan nie wag om hom te leer ken nie! xxx

Maarja and Kert 05/18/2010 13:11

Dear Carl and Martin,

We are happy to see your videos of Fabrizio! We have also been thinking to find a toy like that for Fiona to give her some new activity. She is very active in the evenings! :)

All the best,
Maarja and Kert