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Sunday was a very exciting day for us all. We drove to Wesseling to visit Ilka Kreft, Fabrizio's breeder. One of Ilka's other female Spinoni, had a litter on the 6th of July. We were just so curious to go and vistit the beautiful guys and girls. I'm not going to beat around the bush...they're adorable. Three of them are still up for adoption. Have a look for yourself...pictures are worth more than a thousand words!



Donna is the mother of the new pups. Donna has such a wonderful temprament and is a lovely, caring mother. I literally melt if Donna comes to me for a pat and a cuddle...

I don't know the father of the litter, Angelo, personally. BUT Angelo is a bigger brother of Fabrizio. They have the same mother and if Angelo is anything like Sara and all her other children, he must be a real grand guy indeed! Here is the link to Angelo's Website: link

These 2 beautiful pictures of Fabrizio next to his mother Sara were taken yesterday just before we said our goodbyes...




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Ebby 08/19/2010 20:00

Richtig süß das Bild von Euch beiden.
Es scheint aber doch noch etwas interessanteres zu geben als den Fotografen, oder?


Sally 08/10/2010 10:43

Das ist ja mal ein geniales Bild.
Sowas von süß.

Liebes WUUUH

Maggie and Mitch 08/09/2010 18:08

Oh no! We can only see one picture and you know we NEED to see both of them for our Fabrizio fix!
What adorable pups! Can you please send our mom one so she will shut up already, Fabrizio?! Thank you in advance!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch