A stubborn Baby Canine

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One of our greatest concerns as Fabrizio is growing up, was his teeth. As he was teething, he liked us playing "rope-pulling" with our old gym towels. Everytime a loose tooth bothered him, he came to one of us with one of his towels in his mouth and looked at us as if to say:" I'll bite, you pull...let's make it as quick and painless as possible!" But the upper left canine just didn't want to fall out. It was loose for allmost a month. We even went to the vet once and she said the tooth was so loose, it will fall out very soon...BUT, it didn't. On Sunday afternoon, Fabrizio appeared in the TV room again with one of his towels in his mouth. The stubborn canine, which was also his last baby tooth, must have really bothered him a lot. Usually after one or two tugs, he ran away. But on Sunday he kept on coming back. I wiggled the tooth with my fingers using more strength than I actually should have and I felt something tear up in his jaw. Fabrizio literally shouted and hid in the corner. As I took the tooth in my fingers shortly after, he lifted his head and out came the stubborn tooth with root and all! That was the reason for the tooth not falling out! The root had somehow not died off as it should have. All's well that ends well...his new teeth are just beautiful!




We were lucky enough to find 9 of his baby teeth!



Besides the problems with teething, he is growing and growing. Yesterday he weighed in at 29 kgs/ 64 lbs! Strangers like him even more now, than when he was a baby and he seems to know it. The little seducer flirts and flashes those beautiful eyes at strangers every chance he gets! 


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Maggie and Mitch 08/04/2010 11:57

Wow! That was one stubborn toofie, Fabrizio! We're sure glad to see that one is out!
Yes, you are very handsome and our mom wants to give you a big squeeze!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch