White Christmas and the Holidays

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Fabrizio's first Christmas turned out to be completely white. It's quite unusual in greater Germany to snow over Christmas. So we count ourselves very lucky!


Fabrizio made me promise to write that it wasn't him that coloured the small snow man yellow!!!  


Festive-season-2010 5157


On the 24th we drove to Essen to spend the next days with Benja and the Grandparents. As we were unloading the car, Benja ran out to greet us and jumped in the car on the driver's seat, as if to say "you are not gonna leave again soon, I forbid it!", looking quite worried that we might really leave soon...


Festive-season-2010 5166


Festive-season-2010 5167


This was on our first Christmas walk with both dogs. Both of them eagerly jumping on the rock we usually photograph them on...of course awaiting treats!!!


Festive-season-2010 2447


Festive-season-2010 2446


Did something delicious maybe fall on the ground?!?!?!?!?!?!


Festive-season-2010 5193


Festive-season-2010 5194


Beautiful Benja!


Festive-season-2010 2441


Preparing food for HUNGRY tummies...patiently awaiting and watching us...


Festive-season-2010 5200


Festive-season-2010 5198


Festive-season-2010 5199


Festive-season-2010 5202


Cuddling together after dinner...


Festive-season-2010 2455




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<br /> It looks like you had a wonderful holiday, Fabrizio! We are so happy that you got snow! Of course you didn't pee on that snowman! You're too much of a gentleman!<br /> <br /> Love ya lots,<br /> Maggie and Mitch<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> It looks like you had a great Christmas! We love the photos!<br /> <br /> Sam<br /> <br /> <br />