So many Hunting-Hounds!

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This afternoon Fabrizio met 3 wonderfully friendly hunting dogs. On the right, obviously is Fabrizio with his cute "miss Piggy" behind, in the middle is a "Hanoverian Hound" and to the left a "Rhodesian Ridgeback". They were so friendly and Fabrizio LOVED the attention they gave him.







This friendly old chap unfortunately has to be on the leash in the forest, because in earlier years he successfully hunted 2 deer... He is a 13 year old "German Wired haired Pionter" but an absolutely adoring and charming guy. Fabrizio really is growing to be a large Spinone.






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Ebby 07/18/2010 17:39

Da habt Ihr ja viel Spass beim Toben gehabt. Miss Piggy? Kenne ich nur aus der Muppets Show, da sah die aber irgenwie anders aus ?!?! WEbby

Maggie and Mitch 07/14/2010 17:58

What do they mean a "miss piggy" behind? We see a strong muscular butt, Fabrizio!
You have very nice looking friends but you're still cuter ;-)

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch