No Puppy School anymore!

Veröffentlicht auf von spinone fabrizio

Although Fabrizio is only 4 months and one week old, he has moved on to proper school and he seems to enjoy this kind of school much, much more. He never really fancied playing with pups and young dogs of other breeds. Somehow the Spinone-Italiano seems to be a wiser and less frenzied player than other the breeds.  








After school, we went for a late breakfast at our favourite Cafe in Dortmund, called "Kleines Café Budapest". A wonderfull location for anyone who likes old Bohemian Cafés, wondefull cakes and tarts and lovely coffee-variations! PLEASE GO THERE PEOPLE! Dogs are also welcome there and love lying on the cool terrace in summer!





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Maggie and Mitch 07/04/2010 15:34

Great concentration on your dad's face, Fabrizio!
We hope you got a tart as a reward!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch