My new friend GINA

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Dear diary, today I met a very cute new friend called Gina. Gina is also an Italian. A so called " Cane da Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese"! Gina is one week older than I am, but that doesn't really matter. She is lots of fun to play with and most important of all...Gina is not histerical and does not bark, bark, bark , bark, bark, bark, bark, bark bark...a girl just the way I like them Here are a few pics of us playing. Carl really complained because apparently its not so easy taking a good shot where we both are in focus. I hope we meet again to play very, very soon...







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Isi & Momo 05/17/2010 08:53

Hi Fabrizio,
Gina is wonderful!!
Nice Wuffi's Isi and Momo