Fabrizio's new friends!

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Fabrizio made a few charming new friends over the last few days. At first we met Baxter, a 6 month old "Carne Corso" and his adoptive sister, Melly, an 8 year old "Aussy"-Lady. We drove to the "Bittermark"-Forest to have a walk in the rain with them this afternoon and just as we started off, we met Lilo, a young and very attractive Dalmation! Both Baxter and Fabrizio loved her, but both of them were much to slow for her. She enjoyed kicking "dust" in their faces and running circles around them. That impressed them even more. Melly was noticably and understandingly a little annoyed with the two boys sometimes. Just imagine a 46kg, 6 month old "Carne Corso" and a 32kg, 8 month "Spinone" running into you by accident at 30km/h!!!!!!!! So every once in a while she showed them who's the boss. But you know boys...boys will be boys...We promised Fabrizio to meet his new friends very soon again. A really pleasant bunch!!!



From the left to the right:



Fabrzios-Freunde 4371


Fabrzios-Freunde 4378


Fabrzios-Freunde 4364


Fabrzios-Freunde 4367


Fabrzios-Freunde 4356


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sally 11/17/2010 10:17

Noch ein Kommentar von mir, aber diesesmal in englisch.

Hello again it’s me Sally

I want to let you know that we are playing the Holiday Gift Exchange.
Maybe you are also interested to join us and have fun.

Nice woooh

Hayka und A-Yana 11/13/2010 11:41

Herrliche Bilder, ganz besonders das Erste :)) Sooo cool!
wedelwedel, die Tibis

Ebby 11/12/2010 18:11

Hallo Fabrizio, was ist denn für ein süßes Foto? Bei uns bewegt sich immer ein Hund wieder aus dem Bild, aber so geduldig wie Deine Kumpls sind meine nie. Einfach tolles Bild. Ebby

Sally 11/08/2010 17:38

Du hast aber tolle Freunde. :-)

Liebes WUUUH

Maggie and Mitch 11/07/2010 17:54

It is autumn here, Fabrizio and the leaves are pretty much down in our yard for the most part. November can be a very grey month for us but so far it's been very nice.
We have a question for you - when you shake your head, can slobber fly everywhere?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Fabrizio 11/08/2010 11:44

Hi guys!


We have seen other Spinoni slobber quite a bit, but so far my dads haven't said anything about me slobering...I think I might belong to the tidier Spinoni on this earth :-) Well. that's except
after drinking water and half of what I drank drips down my beard. On the other hand we have seen some Human males doing that as well after drinking coffee or tee or beer, so my dads dont' mind
toooo much about the water. 

Have i nice week you guys!