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After Christmas and New Year, we have been very busy with work and nothing but work. It certainly wasn't the best time for Fabrizio, but he's turned into a cool dude nevertheless. He's starting to notice that he is bigger and stronger than most other dogs and that gives him an extra ego-boost sometimes. He never makes misuse of his size and strenth, though. Should we meet other dominant or aggresive dogs, he just ignores them and runs happily in the other direction. The other day on one of our walks in a forest, we came across people we know and stopped for a chat. I wasn't very attentive to what Fabrizio was doing and next thing we heard dogs fighting. Usually Fabrizio is ALWAYS very happy and eager to meet new people and their dogs. He trots up to them to say a quick "Hello, I'm Fabrizio" and then runs back to us. But on this occasion I didn't see a lady with a huge Malamute/Berner-mix male...on the leash...walking right up to us. I can just imagine what happened. Fabrizio saw a human and a dog and thought to himself "JIPPEEEEE", ran up to them to say hello and that, of course, was not the appropriate thing to do. Some dogs are kept on a leash for a reason. I always put him on the leash if other dogs we come across are on the leash themselves. Next thing I saw this other dog take Fabrizio by the neck and giving him a proper shake. MY NIGHTMARE TURNED INTO REALITY!!!!!!!  Fabrizio quickly wrestled himself free of the others grip and suddenly gave the old bugger a bit of his own medicine! I've never seen him so authoritative before. Not scared in the least. Telling the bully off in very clear dog language: "I'm not running away from you!!! Leave me alone or I will hurt you back!" I called him to me and he left the other guy standing around quite astounded and confused. As he came trotting merrily towards me, he gave me a very cool and pleased look as if to say proudly:"Hey, don't panic, don't panic, calm down now...So, what do you think of that, hey? He won't try doing that with me again!"

This whole incident was my mistake, because the other dog was on a leash and I was preoccupied with something else, rather than to keep an eye on him...but what a relief to know he can stand up for himself if needs be.


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<br /> Schön dass du wieder da bist. Wir haben dich schon vermisst. Mann bin ich froh dass dir nichts passiert ist und du heil aus dieser Situation herausgekommen bist. :-)<br /> <br /> Liebes WUUUH<br /> Sally<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> You are so very handsome, Fabrizio! Does all grown up mean pizza and beer for dindin?<br /> <br /> Love ya lots<br /> Maggie and Mitch<br /> <br /> <br />