Dalla Valle del Reno REUNION

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Maria and Lars Püllenberg link agreed to have the Dalla Valle del Reno Family Reunion, breeder Ilka Kreft link, in East Frisia on their premises. More than enough space for plenty big dogs to roam and run around all day. Unfortunately we could not be there on Saturday, when the event actually took place, 'cause both Carl and Martin had to work, BUT we jumped in the car early Sunday morning and drove there to have breakfast with all those Spinoni and their people who spent the night in East Frisia. 


A peaceful foto of Carl and Fabrizio, still very tired from the 3 hour journey so early in the morning...


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3799

HELP!!!!! Where did all of them come from suddenly?

Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3858

This beautiful girl was almost kidnapped by us...she is one of the youngest of the Dalla Valle's. From the last litter. She is called Geovanna and is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3900


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3901


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4145


This is handsome guy is called Nevio 


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3921


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4037


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3922


This is one of our all time Heros and one of the 2 reasons, the other being Nevio, that we have Fabrizio today...everybody: THIS IS PAUL!!!! Have a look at his Diary at: link


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4022


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4021


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3905


Carl hugging Paul on the left and Fabrizio on his right...


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3944


Here a row of pictures of Jola(Fabiola), Piccolino(Fabio) and Fabrizio...same litter siblings...


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3960


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3961


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3962


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3963


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3967


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3969


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3970


Mother Sara doing her duty...keeping a watchful eye on everybody...Sara seemed to have PMS on Sunday. VEEEEEERY hormonal and "äusserst komplex" 


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4007


Sister Jola firmly holding on to the bunny she hunted down...


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4001


Emilia dalla Valle del Reno


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4042


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4136


A walk with mother Sara, sister Jola, Emilia and Fabrizio...at the end swimming in icy water...


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4081


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4076


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4078


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4077


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4079


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4113


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4118


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4082


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4137


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4104


Fabrizio and Jola running side by side...


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4023


Emilia Tackling Fabrizio for the toy...(Nevio in the rear is awaiting the next shadow to hunt and destroy. Martin and I decided to christen Nevio: Peter-Pan of Neverland)


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4046


Fabrizio walking away with the winnings  (Ilka was not toooo impressed with Fabrizio's "not-so-tender-way" of handling the ladies)


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 4048


Won't Fabrizio make an ideal Agility-Dog someday???


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3984


...oh dear...rather not keep our hopes up high... (scattering our dream of hiking through the mountenous Alps with Fabrizio someday)


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3985


All in all we had a lovely day again at Lars and Marias. Thanks a lot to them and Ilka Kreft for all the organisation, patience, hospitality and love! We love you lots and lots! 


Dalla-Valle-del-Reno-Day 3995





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ebby 10/24/2010 09:03

Fabrizio, das waren ja mal wieder tolle Fotos. Du bist für mich aber nach wie vor der Süßeste von allen. Deine Ebby

Maggie and Mitch 10/17/2010 11:05

We have an award for you, Fabrizio! Check out our blog when you get a chance, okay.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sam 10/15/2010 16:53

Wow! How did you keep track of Fabrizio in all of those dogs? They are so beautiful!


Sally 10/12/2010 19:05

Was für eine tolle Bande und was für ein wunderbarer Tag.
Vielen Dank für die Bilder.
Liebes WUUUH

Maggie and Mitch 10/12/2010 15:40

What a super fun day and so many Spinoni in one place! Keep practicing, Fabrizio! We think you'll do just fine at agility!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch