A visit at Enzo's

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We went for a long walk with Enzo yesterday and afterwards we were invited over to his place for a drink on the terrace. Although both boys were already very tired from the walk they kept on playing back home to the point of exhaustion...


Fabrizio adores Anja, Enzo's mom...here flirting with her

April-2011 2280


Fabrizio standing, Enzo lying down


April-2011 2290


April-2011 2292


Fabrizio to the left


April-2011 2325


April-2011 2326


A  short pause, almost falling asleep...Enzo to the left


April-2011 2331


April-2011 2333


F. to the left


April-2011 2345


April-2011 2347


April-2011 2350


April-2011 2352


April-2011 2354


Fabrizio exhausted, but not giving up yet!


April-2011 2363


"I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!!!!"...Enzo's ears


April-2011 2364


Enzo looking seriously dangerous!


April-2011 2367


Fabrizio almost dead...


April-2011 2386


April-2011 2397


April-2011 2400

(after having seen all these pictures of wild-looking and as our friend Sam put it, "ferocious"  dogs, can you believe that these 2 Spinoni played like this, without making any sounds with their vocal cords? All one heard from them was  huffing and puffing as they struggled getting breath)



back home, sleeping in this position for hours...



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Maggie and Mitch 06/27/2011 00:27

We miss you, Fabrizio! What have you been up to lately?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Ebby 06/18/2011 13:47

Coole Bilder, hat Spass gemacht sie anzusehen. Ebby

deria 05/22/2011 22:11

Hallo Fabrizio -
nach den Tobeeinheiten hast du dir den Schlaf des Gerechten redlich
hätte gerne mitgespielt - Deria

sally 05/06/2011 17:10

Hi Fabrizio,
ganz tolle Fotos. Traumhaft.

Liebes WUUUH

Maggie and Mitch 05/01/2011 11:18

What GREAT pictures of you and Enzo, Fabrizio! We love the look on Enzo's face with his flying ears!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch