A new weight record

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We weighed Fabrizio about a month ago for the show at Rheinberg and back then he weighed in at 37kg. To be honest, we thought he was a little out of form and a just a teeny bit "flabby". In the mean time we reduced the amount of food he's fed. On Wednesday we gave our vet a surprise visit. He just loves the ladies(this practice consists only of ladies) and flirts with them like a world champion flirter! I also used the opportunity to check up on his present weight...and surprise, surprise, although he is on a strict calory diet, the little bugger gained weight...and not just a little! More than 3kg. Fabrizio now weighs in at more than 40kg!





Still one of his favourite things to do...birdwatching!






On this picture he looks almost like ALF 







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Ebby 04/03/2011 14:39

Hey ALF, äh Fabrizio. Das Bild am Fenster sieht so traurig aus ?! Würde gerne raus,kann aber nicht... Deine Ebby

Ilka 03/14/2011 19:34

40kg - was für ein Bröckchen !! :-)
Da wird aus einem Kerlchen langsam ein richtiger Kerl !!
Ich freue mich schon, Euch bald mal wieder zu treffen !!

Liebe Grüße

sally 03/14/2011 10:46

Wow, mein lieber Scholle. Da bist du ja mächtig gewachsen.
Wie groß bist du denn?????
Übrgens würde ich mich sehr freuen, wenn du uns ein paar Bilder von NRW zeigen könntest.

Liebes WUUUH

Maggie and Mitch 03/14/2011 10:13

You are such a handsome boy, Fabrizio! You weigh more than Mitch the moose does! He's 73 pounds.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Enya 03/14/2011 05:50

Hi Fabrizio,
thats clear - because bird watching is a high calorie diet!
After all you look really good!!
Love, Enya